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Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Certification

  2. The following sediment and erosion control details shall be required prior to excavation and shall be maintained during construction.

    1. All pavements shall be replaced within seven (7) calendar days of their removal.

    2. All parkways disturbed during construction shall be restored with four inches (4") of topsoil and sod.

    3. All parkway and nearby trees on adjoining property shall have guards to protect trees.

    4. All stumps shall be removed to a minimum of one foot (1’) below proposed grade.

    5. All construction sites shall require a stone access road ten feet (10’) wide and six inches (6”) deep,

    comprised of CA-1 stone.

    In addition the following provisions shall be adhered to during construction.

    1. Downspouts and sump pumps shall discharge at grade and be directed away from adjacent


    2. Provide for the immediate removal of any mud or debris that is deposited onto any streets or

    sidewalks as a result of construction.

    3. Any soil erosion control measures, which are deemed necessary by the Village Engineer, shall be

    implemented immediately by the contractor.

    i.e.: all proposed swales shall be installed before excavation begins

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