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Record Drawing Certification

  2. I hereby certify that I shall contract with a Land Surveyor or Professional Engineer licensed to practice in the State of Illinois to provide two (2) paper copies and one (1) electronic copy of a record topographic survey within two (2) months of completion and written acceptance by the Village of Villa Park of the development described on the attached permit application. Said record drawing(s) shall show all underground utilities (water, sanitary, storm, gas, electric and communications); finished grades showing all swales, channels and/or storm water improvements; all structures, including top of foundation, finished floor, and lowest opening elevations; the location of all sump pump and downspout discharges; the location of the water service from main to structure, including buffalo-box; and the location of the sanitary sewer service from main to structure, including cleanout. Said record drawing shall also include calculations showing the “as-built” volume of compensatory and site-runoff storage, if applicable. Said record drawing shall show the point of entry and flood proofing elevations of all structures within the development if the parcel lies wholly or partially within a special management area, or if otherwise required.

    I further understand that the provision of these record drawings will be a condition of any permit issued pursuant to this application, and that failure to provide these drawings will constitute violation of permit requirements.
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