Drainage Assistance & Flooding Center

This page provides a wide variety of information and resources related to private property drainage issues, floodplains, flooding preparedness, and local flood management projects. Scroll through the categories below to get started.

Private PRoperty Drainage Assistance

The Village provides information and advice to all property owners, and potentially monetary assistance to single-family property owners to mitigate drainage problems.

See the Drainage Assistance Program page for more information, or call Public Works at (630) 834-8505.

See the Drainage Complaint Investigation Form to submit an online drainage complaint form.

Floodplains and Flood Preparedness

For more information about floodplains in general see this informational handout prepared by the United States Geological Survey.

Is My Property Located in a Floodplain?

To determine whether your property is located in or near a floodplain, visit the DuPage County Parcel Viewer. Enter your address in the search box in the upper left hand corner. Turn on “Imagery 2019 Service” and “DFIRM 2019” layers by clicking on the check boxes. To determine whether the primary structure is located in a floodplain you may want to adjust the transparency level by clicking on the three dots of the “DFIRM 2019” layer. Please be aware that the map viewer contains a lot of detailed information, and may take some time to load.

The current FEMA Floodplain maps became effective August 1, 2019.

Please note: the location of the floodplain on the maps is approximate and based on elevations. To determine the exact floodplain boundary on your property a topographic survey may be needed. For more information please contact the Engineering Division at 630-834-8505.

Floodplain Resources

See the links below for DuPage County, the State of Illinois, and FEMA for useful resources on floodplain mapping and insurance.

Flood Insurance Studies & Maps

Follow the link below for the latest FEMA flood insurance study.

Flood Insurance Study - Effective 8/1/2019

Flood Mitigation and Management Programs and Projects

Below find information and links to Villa Park and DuPage County programs and projects related to flood management.