2018 Pavement Markings Program

General Information

Project Location(s):
Various (see map)
Project Status:
Bid Opening Date:
Completed through the Municipal Purchasing Cooperative
Construction Start Date:
Fall 2018
Construction Completion Date:
Spring 2019
Superior Road Striping, Inc.
Construction Engineer:
Design Engineer:
Awarded Contract Amount:
Adjusted Final Contract Amount:
Funding Source(s):
Street Improvement Fund


To apply, refinish, and update to the most current standards road lines, markings, and symbols throughout the village.


This project consists of the application of thermoplastic and modified urethane striping to asphalt and concrete pavement throughout the village.


Several major roads throughout the Village of Villa Park are in need of new road markings due to wear and tear over time from passing traffic. Additionally, the standard for certain types of road markings has potentially changed since the last time they were applied, and need to be updated. The reapplication of striping is periodic maintenance that is required to keep roads in safe condition.


OrganizationOrganization Address
Superior Road Striping, Inc.1980 North Hawthorne Avenue
Melrose Park, IL 60160


Posted DateDescription
September 13, 2019All work is complete. A final balancing change order has been approved and staff has processed final payment to the contractor. This project is now closed.
September 6, 2019All work is complete. A final balancing change order has been approved. Staff is processing final payment to the contractor and working to close out the project.
August 15, 2019Staff has submitted a proposed final balancing change order for Village Board consideration.
August 2, 2019All work is complete. Staff is working to close out the contract.
July 26, 2019Pavement markings on concrete streets adjacent to north Avenue were completed this week.
June 6, 2019Work is in progress. Pavement markings on concrete streets adjacent to North Avenue are pending.
May 23, 2019Work resumed this week. Pavement markings are being placed on concrete streets adjacent to North Avenue.
March 28, 2019Staff is working with the contractor to coordinate the restart of work.
December 13, 2018Due to weather, no additional work is expected this year.
November 8, 2018Striping on streets adjacent to North Avenue is expected to begin within the next few weeks.
November 1, 2018Striping work on St. Charles Road was completed this week. Striping on streets adjacent to North Avenue is expected in the next few weeks.
October 18, 2018Construction is expected to begin in late October
October 11, 2018A pre-construction meeting was held on October 9, 2018. Construction is expected to begin next week.
October 4, 2018A pre-construction meeting is scheduled for October 9, 2018.
September 27, 2018Staff is working to schedule a pre-construction meeting with the contractor.
September 13, 2018Staff has obtained pricing for thermoplastic striping (for asphalt streets) through the Suburban Purchasing Cooperative and requested pricing for modified urethane striping (for concrete streets). The low bidder for the cooperative was Superior Road Striping, Inc. Staff will present a contract to the Board for consideration at the September 24, 2018 Board Meeting.