Washington Street Green Infrastructure Improvements


Project Location(s):Grant - Washington to south end
Washington - Illinois to Summit
Washington - Addison to Wisconsin
546 South Euclid Avenue
Project Status:Complete
Bid Opening Date:August 15, 2017, 10:00 a.m.
Construction Start Date:September 14, 2017
Construction Completion Date:November 2017
Contractor:Chicagoland Paving Contractors, Inc.
Construction Engineer:TranSystems Corporation
Design Engineer:Conservation Design Forum
Awarded Contract Amount:$859,999.20
Adjusted Final Contract Amount:TBD
Funding Source(s):GO Bonds; CDBG-DR


To reduce stormwater runoff to combined sewers, reduce flooding, and increase stormwater quality in the Washington Street combined sewer area, including Grant Avenue.


This project consists of green stormwater infrastructure improvements at four proposed locations: Grant Avenue from Washington Street to the south end; Washington Street between Illinois Avenue and Summit Avenue; Euclid Avenue north of Washington Street; and the vicinity of Washington Street and Addison Avenue. Proposed improvements include permeable pavers (Grant), bio-retention areas, rain gardens, perforated drains, and a naturalized detention area (Euclid).


The Village expects to receive $1 million in Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funding through Du-Page county for construction of these improvements and an additional $40,000.00 from DuPage County for engineering design.


OrganizationOrganization Address
A Lamp Concrete1900 Wright
Schaumburg, IL 60193
Archon Construction563 S. Route 53
Addison, IL 60101
John Neri Construction Company Inc.770 Factory Road
Addison, IL 60101
K-Five13769 Main Street
Lemont, IL 60439
Alliance Contractors1166 Lake Avenue
Woodstock, IL 60098
Chicagoland Paving Contractors, Inc.225 Telser Road
Lake Zurich, IL 60047
Elanar Construction6620 W. Belmont Avenue
Chicago, IL 60634
Martam Construction, Inc.1200 Gasket Dr.
Elgin, IL 60120
Landmark Contractors, Inc.11916 W. Main Street Road
Huntley, IL 60142
Norvilla, LLC2701 S. 13th Avenue
Broadview, IL 60155
H. Linden & Sons Sewer & Water722 E. South St.
Plano, IL 60545
Kee Construction LLC11002 South Whipple
Chicago, IL 60655
Gerardi Sewer & Water4520 North Osage
Norridge, IL 60706
J S Excavating Contractors16N158 Tyrrell Road
Elgin, IL 60124


Posted DateDescription
June 19, 2020This project is now closed out.
June 12, 2020A final balancing change order has been approved. Staff is now working to close out the project.
April 17, 2020Staff is working to close out the project.
December 20, 2019Staff is working to close out the project.
November 1, 2019Staff is working to close out the project.
July 11, 2019The trees that were planted as a part of this project but did not survive have been replaced. Staff is now working to close out the project.
July 3, 2019The trees that were planted as a part of the project but did not survive were replaced this week.
June 28, 2019Replacement trees have been ordered by the contractor and are expected to be installed upon receipt.
May 23, 2019Some of the trees that were planted as planted of the project have not survived and must be replaced. Staff is working to coordinate the tree replacement.
March 28, 2019Staff is working to close out the project.
January 3, 2019Staff is working to close out the project.
November 1, 2018All work is complete and Staff is working to close out the project.
October 25, 2018All corrective work at 546 S Euclid is complete. Staff will monitor the side to ensure it functions as intended.
October 18, 2018Corrective work has begun at 546 S Euclid and is expected to be completed next week.
July 5, 2018A possible solution to the drainage issue at 546 S Euclid has been determined and staff is awaiting probable construction costs. A change order may be necessary to implement the improvements.
June 28, 2018Staff, the consultant, and the contractor are working together to determine why the basin at 546 S Euclid does not drain properly.
June 7, 2018The restoration of parkways and plantings is complete.
May 10, 2018All excavation work is complete. Restoration of parkways and plantings will begin when weather permits.
May 3, 2018All underground work is complete. Concrete work has begun and is expected to be completed within next week.
April 26, 2018Underground work on west Washington at Addison is nearly complete. A construction contractor hit an incorrectly marked gas main while installing the new sewer, resulting in a significant fire and police presence.
April 19, 2018Excavation of the west Washington area has been completed and excavation of the property formerly at 546 S Euclid has begun. Installation of storm structures is expected to begin next week.
April 12, 2018Construction has resumed, with excavation of the parkways on the W Washington section of the project.
April 5, 2018Due to weather, construction was unable to start the week of April 2. Construction is expected to begin the week of April 9.
March 29, 2018A meeting to discuss the construction startup was held on March 28, 2018. A letter providing information about the resumption of construction on unfinished areas of the Project was delivered to residents. Construction is expected to begin the week of April 2 2018. An electronic copy can be found in the Project Documents section.
March 22, 2018A meeting to discuss construction startup is scheduled for March 28, 2018.
January 11, 2018DuPage County Health Department has given approval to demolish the house at 546 S Euclid Avenue A demolition schedule is expected soon. Detailed information on this project can be found here.
December 21, 2017Work will resume when weather permits.
November 16, 2017The Installation of pavers on Grant is complete and Grant has been reopened to traffic. The contractor is preparing to place topsoil in the bioswales on East Washington Street. Bid opening for demolition of 546 South Euclid was held on 2017. The apparent low bidder is Alpine Demolition Services of St. Charles, Illinois, with a bid of $27,000.00. The bid is currently under review by DuPage County.
November 9, 2017The majority of the pavers on Grant have been installed. The remaining pavers are those required to be cut to smaller sizes.
November 2, 2017Concrete on Grant is complete. Additional stone and pavers should be installed over the next couple weeks. Excavation of the remaining portion of E. Washington is complete. Nicor is working to relocate the main on W. Washington.
October 26, 2017Installation of concrete has begun. All concrete on Grant is expected to be completed next week. Nicor should complete work on E. Washington this week and the contractor will begin their work next week.
October 19, 2017Installation of the aggregate for the permeable pavers street and bioswales on Grant has begun. Nicor has started the relocation of their utility and is expected to continue until complete.
October 5, 2017Underground work has begun and is expected to continue for the next couple weeks. A permit has been issued to Nicor to relocate their utility, which is in conflict with the proposed improvements, and Staff is attempting to get a schedule from Nicor in an effort to not delay the project.
September 29, 2017Excavation on Grant is nearly complete. Installation of the underdrain system will be starting shortly. The intersection of Washington and Summit will likely be closed for 1 day as part of construction.
September 22, 2017Bioswale on the east side of Grant is dug and rough graded as well as the section on the north side of East Washington. The installation of underground work is scheduled to begin next week.
September 15, 2017Tree removal is complete and excavation is expected to begin next week.
September 8, 2017A pre-construction meeting was held on September 7, 2017. Construction is expected to begin in the next couple weeks.
September 1, 2017A contract was awarded at the August 28, 2017 Boar Meeting. Staff is working to schedule a pre-construction meeting.
August 25, 2017Staff is submitting a contract to the Board for consideration at the 08/28/2017 Board Meeting.
August 18, 2017A bid opening was held on August 15, 2017. Staff is in the process of reviewing bids and checking contractor references. A Phase III construction engineering contract has been awarded to Transystems.
July 28, 2017The project was advertised for bid on July 28, 2017. A bid opening is scheduled for August 15, 2017.
July 21, 2017Staff completed final review of the Plans and Specs and submitted them to the County for their approval.
July 14, 2017Staff is working with the design consultant to try and complete the plan in time to put the project out to bid later this month.
July 7, 2017Village staff is working with the consultant to finalize plans and establish a bidding schedule. Public Works staff met with several residents to discuss fence and tree removal.
June 30, 2017A public information meeting was held on June 27, 2017. Village staff has completed review of the updated design report. Final design of this project is not budged in FY 17/18, but this project will be included in the facility plan so it is eligible for low interest IEPA loans in the future. Exhibits of this project were on display at the public information meeting for the Washington Green Infrastructure Project.
June 16, 2017A public information meeting is scheduled for June 27, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. in the Village Board room. Staff submitted comments to the design consultant.
June 9, 2017Staff received revised Phase II Plans and Specs and is working to review them.
May 12, 2017Staff held a conference call with the design engineer to clarify several design elements for the projects. Some revisions to the plans may be needed. We expect pre-final plans to be ready in June 2017. Staff has selected Transystems for Phase III construction engineering and will present a contract to the Board for consideration upon completion of Phase II. The contract approving the purchase of the property at 546 South Euclid has been approved by the Village Board. Closing is expected in June 2017.
May 5, 2017Staff received revise Phase II Plans and Specs and is working to review them.
April 28, 2017The contract approving the purchase of the property at 546 South Euclid has been prepared and will be submitted to the Village Board for consideration in May. Staff has completed interviews of engineering consulting firms for the Phase III construction engineering. Staff is completing its reviewing of the pre-final Plans and Specs.
March 10, 2017Staff received revised Plans and Specs and is working to review them. Staff is reviewing the qualifications submitted by consultants for the Phase III construction engineering services. The public information meetings for Grant Street and Washington Green Infrastructure will be scheduled once the Village receives pre-final plans from the consultant.
February 24, 2017Engineering consultant continues to work on Phase II Plans and Specs.
February 17, 2017County staff will need to review bid documents prior to advertising for bid, which is expected in March. Public information meetings will also be scheduled. Engineering consultant continues to work on Phase II plans and specs. Staff has requested a preliminary qualifications for Phase III construction engineering be submitted by March 3, 2017.
February 3, 2017Due to the CDBG-DR grant funding, a "Project Setup Meeting" with DuPage County staff will be necessary and has been scheduled for February 10, 2017.
January 27, 2017Engineering staff met with Conservation Design Forum (CDF), the Phase II design engineer, to discuss staff review comments and the timetable for public information meeting and bidding the project. CDF does not provide Phase III construction engineering services, so another engineering firm will need to be selected. CDF will provide plan clarifications during construction on an as-needed basis.
January 6, 2017Village staff will be presenting a CDBG-DR funding agreement that would provide $1,000,000 for the Washington Green Infrastructure Project to the Village Board on 01/07/2017. This project includes permeable pavers on Grant Street as well as bioswales along Washington Street.
December 9, 2016Village staff has received the CDBG-DR funding agreement that would provide $1,000,000 for the Washington Green Infrastructure Project. Additional funding for the purchase and demolition of the property has also been approved by the County Community Development Commission. An amendment to the previous funding agreement will be required.
November 18, 2016The consultant has submitted a tentative construction schedule with a tentative March 2017 letting date. A funding agreement with DuPage County needs to be executed prior to bidding.
September 30, 2016Staff has completed its review of the 50% plans and submitted comments to the consultant.
September 23, 2016A purchase order for the property appraisal has been submitted. Grant documents have been forwarded to DuPage County for execution.
September 16, 2016The Village Board approved a proposed inter-governmental agreement to provide CDBG-DR funding towards the purchase and demolition of a house on South Euclid. The next step will be to obtain property appraisals.
September 2, 2016Staff held a progress meeting with the consultant to review 50% plans and to compare with preliminary plans for the Washington Combined Sewer Separation study.
June 3, 2016Staff is investigating options for additional off-site storage near Grant Street.
May 27, 2016Staff walked the project limits with the consultant. Diseased and end of life trees will need to be identified for potential removal.
May 6, 2016Additional survey work has been completed and submitted to Conservation Design Forum (CDF), consultant for design of the Washington Corridor Green Infrastructure Project. Coordination with the Burke study, grant eligibility of work items ($1 million CDBG-DR), and scope of work are key factors.
April 29, 2016Additional survey work has been scheduled.
April 1, 2016A kick-off meeting was held with CDF on March 28, 2016. Design of the proposed green infrastructure improvements has begun.
March 18, 2016Kick-off meeting with Conservation Design Forum (CDF) for design of the Washington Corridor Green Infrastructure Improvements to be scheduled in the near future. County has issued public notice to release the $1 million grant funds for the this project.
March 11, 2016A design contract has been submitted to the Board for consideration at the March 14, 2016 Board Meeting.
February 26, 2016Village staff reviewing a proposal from Conservation Design Forum (CDF) for design of the Washington Corridor Green Infrastructure Improvements.
February 19, 2016
  • Village staff received and is reviewing a proposal from Conservation Design Forum (CDF) for design of the Washington Corridor Green Infrastructure Improvements. Coordination with the Burke combined sewer separation study will be required.
  • An inter-governmental agreement to provide $40,000 to the Village for design of the proposed green infrastructure improvements has been executed. The Village would be responsible for any additional design costs. A separate agreement would be executed for the $1 million green infrastructure funding.
  • Village and County staff met to discuss next steps towards implementing the Washington corridor green infrastructure project ($1 million funding) and Sugar Creek storm water improvements ($550,000). Du Page County staff reiterated that the funds have been earmarked for the Village projects. Project delivery will follow HUD guidelines, similar to Village projects funded through Community Development Block Grants (CDBG). The funds should be used for stand-alone projects and not combined with other flood control projects. The project to be selected in the Sugar Creek drainage basin will be based on the recommendations in the watershed study. The Washington/Grant green infrastructure improvements can proceed to environmental review and consultant selection. Inter-governmental agreements between the Village and County will be required.
  • Du Page County staff presented the results of the Washington Street green infrastructure study at the Village Board meeting on June 8, 2015. They indicated that $1.0 million federal funding has been set aside for this project. Inter-governmental agreements (IGA’s) are expected to be ready for Village Board consideration in September 2015.
  • The Village has been working with Du Page County staff to identify Villa Park storm water projects that could utilize earmarked HUD Disaster Recovery Program funding. Specifically County staff is recommending $1,000,000 for ’downtown green infrastructure’ (Washington Street corridor) and $550,000 for the Sugar Creek Watershed. The funding has been approved, but not yet released by HUD.
  • The County’s consultant has submitted a preliminary report for green infrastructure alternatives along the Washington Boulevard corridor. There have been follow-up meetings with County staff and the consultant to discuss and prioritize potential projects. One of the suggested improvements was to provide permeable pavers on Grant Street south of Washington. County staff has indicated that they may be willing to fund 100% of the cost. Design of road improvement to Grant Street have been temporarily suspended until it is determined if the permeable pavers are feasible.
  • A meeting with County staff was held on March 23, 2015. County staff re-affirmed the commitment of $1 million of CDBG-DR funding for "green" storm water improvements in the Washington Street corridor. This would include permeable pavers and rain gardens on Grant Street. There improvements would reduce combined sewer overflow as well as provide storm water benefits. It was agreed to take no further action until after presentation of the two flood control studies on April 13, 2015.