Going Green


The Village of Villa Park offers electronics recycling the third Saturday of every month to Villa Park residents. See the Electronics & Recycling page for more information.


The Village of Villa Park previously offered rain barrels to the public, though this program has been suspended. Please see the Rain Barrel Program page for more information.


The Village of Villa Park has made a commitment to promote water conservation by participating in the DuPage County water conservation and protection program. Please see the Water Conservation Program page for more information.


The Public Works Department has taken measures to reduce our carbon impact on the environment by employing the following activities:

  • All Village office desks have been equipped with recycling bins and a list of materials that can be recycled.
  • Tree debris is chipped and offered as mulch free of charge and all other wood waste is hauled to a wood recycling facility.
  • All street repairs and utility trench openings are separated from asphalt and concrete and hauled to a facility for recycling.
  • Asphalt grindings from street overlay programs are stock piled and used as backfill on street openings instead of purchasing stone, grindings are also used for stone shoulder work.
  • Fall leaf sweeping material from Village streets is stock piled and hauled to area farms or to a recycling facility.
  • The Village has a water use restriction ordinance that requires residents to follow odd and even requirements and time restrictions, and offers pamphlets that show how to preserve water.
  • Public Works performs a leak survey each year to capture and repair leaks in the water system.
  • Public Works has a Toyota Prius and with good driving habits has averaged 50 miles per gallon over the last seven years.
  • The Village instituted an idling policy with a goal of saving 5% in fuel compared to last fiscal year. The first quarter of this fiscal year the Village met this goal reducing fuel use by 2,080 gallons.
  • All new curb inlets that are replaced have "Dump No Waste, Drains To River" engraved on them.
  • LED lamps on St. Charles Road traffic control devices have replaced older inefficient lamps.
  • The Village received a grant to replace lighting at 35 W. Home Avenue with high efficient lighting.