Passport Parking System

With the launch of the new Passport Parking system, commuters parking at either of the Villa Park METRA Parking lots are now able to conduct their parking transactions by mobile phone, a new service that will allow commuters an opportunity to save time by using their mobile phone to pay for parking. Commuters may initiate parking sessions from the comfort of their vehicle, or while walking to the train – avoiding lines at the payment machine and Police Department!

Using the System

To use the new Passport Parking system, customers register for free from their mobile phone by downloading the mobile app, calling the toll free number on the signage or sticker, or at the Passport Parking system website.

*The app may ask users for a zone number. Villa Park's zone number is 313.*

Once registered, motorists can use a mobile app, the internet or a mobile phone call to (630) 581-2445, to pay for parking. The phone number is displayed on signage throughout the facility, and on the parking pay stations.

After setting up the account, customers can immediately start using the system with their registered mobile phone. Motorists can also select the option to alerts and reminders fifteen minutes before their time expires. Motorists can track parking expenses, and print reports through Passport Parking's secure website.

Pay for parking sticker image.

Program Benefits

  • Avoid waiting in line to pay at the parking machine and Police Department.
  • Mobile pay eliminates the need for coins and cash to pay for parking.
  • Extend or stop your parking duration through a simple text, call, or through the Passport Parking Mobile app.
  • View or print your parking receipts online.
  • Park with your mobile phone in any parking lot that offers Passport Parking Mobile Pay.


The fee for using the electronic system is $2.00.