Parking Permits

Beginning August 1, Daily Parking at the Villa Park Metra Station Parking Lot (all parking spots) will be utilizing Pay-by-License Plate instead of Pay-by-Space Number.

Users will enter their license plate number instead of space number into the kiosk (located in the North lot) or through the Passport app at (look for Zone #313).

  • Numbered spaces for daily parking have been eliminated.
  • All parking spots are available on both North and South lots.
  • Quarterly permits will no longer be available.
  • Monthly permits will be available at a future date.

If you have any questions about this change or how to use the Passport app please contact Village Hall at (630) 834-8500.

The machine accepts cash and card but no pennies or $0.50 pieces. Daily parking on either side of the lot is also available through the Passport Parking app (Zone 313 if asked).

Metro Park Sign

Parking Fees

Daily Parking (paid via machine on north side of tracks)$2.00

Parking Rates as of May 1, 2017 (and how to pay):

  • Daily Parking $2.00 Available for purchase through parking machine  located at train station or through the passport parking app (Zone 313 if asked) available on the north side of the tracks. Note: The machine does not accept pennies or $0.50 pieces. 

As a reminder, permits must be displayed in the rear window, or a ticket will be issued. For further information, please contact Village Hall at (630) 834-8500.