Sex Offenders

Campion, Thomas

Thomas J. Campion

Address Unknown (Non-Compliant)
Date of Birth (DOB): 12/02/1970
Offense: Sexual Abuse Victim 9-16

Damitz, Eric

Eric Damitz

639 S Princeton Ave
DOB: 03/24/1989
Offense: Criminal Sexual Abuse
Victim 13-17

Cooper, Dominick

Dominick cooper

10 S Charles
DOB: 08/10/1970
Offense: Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault Victim >60

Flowers, Kenneth

Kenneth H Flowers

217 E Pine
DOB: 08/04/1975
Offense: Public Indecency / Lewd exposure

Green, Bryan

Bryan M. Green

21 N Wisconsin Ave
DOB: 05/27/1974
Offense: Criminal Sexual Abuse

Griffin, Joshua

joshua j griffin  

526 N 3rd St
DOB: 05/25/1993
Offense: Indecent Solicitation/ Aggravate Criminal Sexual Abuse Victim 17

Roehr, Bryan

Bryan Roehr

106 N Bierman
DOB: 07/19/1987
Offense: Aggravated Child Porn, Videos / Photos

Stantz, Daniel

Daniel k stantz

405 N Iowa
DOB: 08/03/1993
Offense: Criminal Sexual Abuse / Can’t Consent 

Tarchala, Daniel

Daniel J. Tarchala

443 N 3rd
DOB: 03/16/1981
Offense: Aggravated Child Porn/Possession of Film/Photos