EMS Services Available

Fire Department Paramedics are ready to respond to your emergency from Station 81 to South of Saint Charles and from Station 82 to North of St. Charles. The department has two Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances (one at each station) and one reserve ambulance. Paramedics are dispatched from these stations after you call 911. If both of the ambulances are on a call, the closest neighboring department ambulance will respond to your emergency.

Paramedics are advanced providers of advanced emergency care and are highly educated in topics such as anatomy, physiology, cardiology, medications and medical procedures. Villa Park paramedics are licensed through the Illinois Department of Public Health and are required to complete 60 hours of continuing education each year to remain in good standing.

Our department provides the following services:

Basic Life Support (BLS) Ambulance Service
BLS care includes bandaging wounds, splinting fractured bones, spine immobilization, blood pressure checks, CPR/AED, minor drug administration and general first aid.

Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulance Service

ALS care is advanced care of many types of injuries or illnesses that threatens life. ALS care includes advanced cardiac monitoring such as 12-lead EKG, advanced airway management such as intubation, pain management for traumatic injuries, advanced trauma life support, breathing treatment for severe respiratory distress, starting IV access for drug or fluid administration and drug administration for diabetic emergencies. ALS care provides emergency care at your doorstep and improves patient outcome.

Invalid Assist

This is a non-emergency call made to 911, where the paramedics will be dispatched to help a resident to their car, or to receive aid in getting up from a fall.

Blood Pressure Screenings

Trained paramedics are on hand to do blood pressure screenings for residents. Just stop by Station 81, at 1440 South Ardmore Avenue, or Station 82, at 102 West Plymouth, from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m.