Fire & Burglar Alarm Information

Types of Alarm Systems

There are three basic types of alarm systems:

On-Site Ringer & Automatic Dialer

An on-site ringer will usually trigger a bell or siren attached to the building when the alarm is tripped. Similarly, when an automatic dialer alarm is tripped, a telephone call is automatically placed to the police or fire departments, and a pre-recorded announcement is played when that call is answered. Automatic dialer alarms are not permitted to dial 9-1-1.

Central Station Alarms

A central station alarm connects the protected property to a remote location via telephone circuits, or other means where an operator receives it, and calls the appropriate police or fire agency. Central station alarms are operated by private businesses, and may be located in the same town or village as your business, or it may be located many miles away.

Direct Connect Alarms

A direct connect alarm connects your home or business to the police or fire department via a dedicated telephone circuit or radio. All new fire alarms that require connection to DuComm are required, by village ordinance, to be radio fire alarms. When the public safety dispatcher at DuComm receives the alarm, he / she immediately dispatches the police or fire department. DuComm monitors direct connect alarms for each of its member agencies.

Before deciding which type of fire alarm system is best for your specific needs, please call the Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau at 630-833-5350.