Property Maintenance

The Village of Villa Park Code Enforcement Department is dedicated to ensuring the public safety, health and welfare of the Village by serving and assisting the community through the enforcement of the adopted building, zoning, and property maintenance codes.

Property Maintenance Inspectors regularly interact with:

County and State Agencies, such as health departments, child and family services and highway departments.

•  Village Departments, such as Fire, Police, Building, Planning & Zoning, Public Works, and Engineering.

Community Members and Resources, such as senior service organizations, economic development commissions, mortgage companies, businesses, neighborhood groups, and residents.

Methods of Enforcement

Methods used to ensure compliance with the Codes and Ordinances of the Village include violation notifications, tickets with a summons to appear in Local Adjudicatory Hearings or the 18th Judicial Circuit Court of DuPage County.

Individual code violations are investigated on a case by case basis with regard to the warning procedures, penalty issuance, and the types of resolutions sought for matters of noncompliance. Verbal communication may be given prior to documented procedures to notify residents of their compliance requirements, dependent on the nature of the violation.

Rental Property Owners

The Village of Villa Park hosted a meeting in June 2016 for owners of residential rental properties within the Village regarding ordinances pertaining to such properties, the Village's Crime Free Lease Addendum and Fire Code. View the entire presentation here.


Accessory Structures

• Accessory structures include decks, detached garages, dog runs, fences, patios, pools, and sheds.

• A permit is required for the construction of an accessory structure.

• All accessory structures must be constructed per the specifications of the adopted building codes and zoning regulations.

• All accessory structures must be maintained in good repair and kept structurally sound.


• No more than three (3) dogs may be kept in any single family residence and no more than one (1) dog may be kept in any unit of a multi-family residence.

• Dogs shall not be allowed to run loose and must be leashed when at large within the Village limits.

• Dogs over four (4) months of age shall be licensed with the Village.

• The owner of the dog(s) shall be responsible for the removal and disposal of any and all waste created by the dog.

• Livestock, fowl, diseased, or vicious animals are prohibited.

Drainage and Grading

• Drainage of roofs, sumps, gutters, downspouts, and paved areas shall not discharge onto adjacent properties, including the Public Way and shall not create a public nuisance.

• Before any drainage, grading, or land modification is made a permit shall be obtained from the Village.

• All premises shall be maintained and graded to prevent soil erosion and the accumulation of stagnant water.

Exterior Maintenance

• All structures shall be maintained in good repair with no holes, missing boards or siding, or loose and rotting materials.

• All peeling paint shall be removed and then surface coated.

• There shall be no missing bricks or mortar.

• Roofs shall be free of leaks.

• Roofs shall be in good repair with no worn, curled, deteriorated, split or missing shingles.

• Gutters and downspouts shall be in good repair and clear of obstructions and/or vegetation.

• Stairs and landings over thirty (30) inches require hand and guardrails.

• Hand and guardrails shall be securely fastened and maintained in good condition.

• Sidewalks, driveways and parking areas shall be properly maintained to a smooth, hazard-free condition.


• The Village provides a Graffiti Removal Program at no-cost to residents and businesses. Once reported the Village staff will remove the graffiti in an expedient manner. To have graffiti removed:

1. Call 9-1-1. A police officer will come to the site to photograph and catalogue the incident.

2. Sign a Graffiti Removal Waiver at the Police Department, Community Development Department or Public Works. This form authorizes the Village to come onto private property and remove the graffiti. The waiver is active until change of ownership and must be signed by the owner or agent.

Home Occupations

 • Refer to the Community Development Department or the Village website for a list of permitted and/or prohibited home occupations.

• There shall be no outside storage permitted on the premises of any equipment and/or materials used in the home occupation.

• No more than twenty-five (25) per cent of the area of a dwelling unit shall be devoted to the home occupation, for one (1) meeting per month.

• No more than one (1) person other than members of the family/full time occupants of the dwelling shall be employed in connection with the home occupation.

• No alterations of any kind, separate entrance, or interior modifications, shall be made to the dwelling unit for the purpose of conducting a home occupation.

• No home occupation or related equipment shall change the fire rating of the dwelling, cause any interference detectable beyond the dwelling, create or remain a nuisance, and must meet any or all local, state or federal regulations where applicable.

House Numbers

• House numbers shall be in Arabic numerals and a minimum of three (3) inches in height.

• House numbers shall be displayed on the house structure itself, be of contrasting color to the house, and be easy to read from the public way.

Motor Vehicles

• Cars may not be parked off of the approved driveway surface.

• Vehicles designated as weight Class B or greater, including construction equipment, are not permitted in residential zoning districts.

• All vehicle repair work is to be performed within an enclosed structure.

• No vehicle outside an enclosed structure may be in a state of disrepair or disassembly.

 • All vehicles must be properly licensed, plated, and operational.

• Boats are permitted in side-yards when mounted on an operable trailer between May 1 and October 31 only.

• Recreational vehicles may be parked in side-yards with adequate screening from adjacent properties, provided they do not exceed 27 feet in length.

• No more than four (4) vehicles may be permitted to be located within the required front or exterior side yard, except for occasional guests.

Occupancy Enforcement Process

• The Community Development Department investigates possible over-occupied residential structures. Occupancy limitations are based on the requirements of the adopted Village Codes and are performed on a signed complaint basis.

• If you believe there is a home near you which is over-occupied, you can file a complaint by completing and signing an investigation form.

• Upon receipt of a complaint, staff will make contact with the owner/property manager and begin an investigation. Staff requires signed complaints so they can work directly with neighbors to resolve the issue. All complaints will be investigated. Over-occupancy can be difficult to prove. It is helpful if you can provide any information that would be useful to the investigation.

• If the investigation produces reasonable cause to suspect over-occupancy, the inspector gives notice to the property owner to reduce the occupant load.

• A reasonable amount of time will be given to correct the over-occupancy and come into compliance. A citation may be issued if necessary.

• If participants request a hearing, they will appear before the court-appointed hearing officer. During this hearing, the hearing officer will look at the evidence, hear from all sides, and then make a determination.


 • All rubbish and garbage must be placed in approved containers with sealable lids.

• Garbage containers cannot be placed out more than one (1) day prior to the scheduled pick-up date and cannot remain out longer than one (1) day after pick-up.

• Garbage containers in residential zoning districts shall be placed in the rear and side yards only.

• All exterior property areas shall be maintained free of the accumulation of animal waste, building materials, debris, garbage, refuse, rubbish, or yard waste.

Sidewalks and Parkways

• Vegetation and trees shall be trimmed back from the public sidewalk.

• Vehicles may not block the public way or sidewalk.

• No signs may be placed in the parkway, upon parkway trees or any utility pole in the Village.

Vegetation, Grass and Weeds

• Grass and weeds may not exceed six (6) inches in height.

• Any vegetation that is dead and within any yard shall be removed.

• Any vegetation that is dead and in the opinion of the code official is capable of causing property or utility damage shall be removed.

• Noxious weeds or other rank vegetation is declared a nuisance and shall be removed.

Windows, Screens and Doors

• All broken windows, screens and doors must be repaired or replaced.

• Boarded windows and doors must be repaired or replaced within a reasonable time frame.

• Windows must be in a good condition, weather tight, able to open if so designed and properly glazed without cracks or holes.

• Screens are required from April 1 to December 1 for all doors, windows, and ventilation.

Additional Items

Open Flame: is unlawful for any person to cause and/or allow open or uncontrolled burning within the Village.

Garage or yard sales; are limited to two (2) times a calendar year and shall be limited to three (3) days in duration.

Solicitors; must have a permit issued by the Village and be able to present the permit upon request.

Water restrictions; apply between May 15 and September 15, with even number address houses watering on even days and odd number houses watering on odd days between the hours of 12:01 A.M. to 12:00 noon and from 6:01 pm to 12:00 midnight.