Code Enforcement

The Village of Villa Park has adopted the International Property Maintenance Code, published by the International Code Council, to ensure that properties within the village are maintained to safety and appearance standards. Inspectors check residential, multifamily residential, commercial, and industrial properties for code compliance, and respond to complaints.

If a property does not comply with the village code, the inspector issues a Violation Notice requesting the abatement of the violation. Continued non-compliance may result in issuance of a citation and potential fines. Examples of common code violations include, but are not limited to, an accumulation of trash, parking on an unpaved surface, and uncut grass. Most violation cases result from a complaint. However, inspectors do perform regular "sweeps" of the Village to check exterior property areas for maintenance violations.


The Community Development Department investigates complaints regarding over occupied residential structures. Overcrowding can result in dangerous and unhealthy living conditions. Fires in residences can be especially threatening to occupants. It is the goal of the community Development Department to eliminate this condition in the village.

Building inspectors are responsible for investigating complaints about over occupancy. If a residence is determined to be over occupied , the owner is asked to reduce the number of occupants to the maximum limit allowed by the village code. Failure to comply will result in legal action.


To register a complaint, please submit an online complaint form