Property Maintenance


The Property Maintenance and Housing Inspector insures compliance under the village's property maintenance and housing code.

  • The inspector contacts owners with property maintenance violations.
  • Issues violation notices.
  • Sets time frame for compliance.
  • Inspects the property to determine if property is in compliance.
  • If the owner does not comply, a citation may be issued and the owner will be required to appear at Administrative Hearing Court, located at 20 S. Ardmore Avenue, second floor of Village Hall.


The Community Development department would like to remind residents that the following are actually property maintenance violations, and residents should be mindful that the following could result in citations.

  • Garbage cans must be taken in after collection and not left out for more than one day after pickup. Garbage cans are to have lids, and be leak proof.
  • Other items for garbage pickup are not to be placed out on the parkway earlier than one day in advance. Items such as; sleeper sofas, water heaters, stoves, etc., require a special pickup. Please call Lakshore Recycling at 773-207-5516, for these special pickups.
  • Yard waste, such as leaves and grass, must be in brown paper bags, and display yard waste stickers. Brush must be bundled, no larger than 18 inches in diameter, and 4 feet long. Maximum thickness of a branch in a bundle must not exceed 4 inches in diameter.
  • Cars are not to be parked on the grass anywhere on the property.
  • Residents selling their own vehicles must keep the car on their own property, and only one car may be "For Sale" at a time.
  • All signs, including garage sale signs, and real estate signs, must be kept on private property, and not on village parkways, telephone poles, etc.
  • No outside burning of yard waste or refuse.
  • Grass and / or weeds are not allowed to be higher than 6 inches.