Railroad Grade Separation


Project Location(s):
Project Status:
Preliminary Study Consultant:
CDM Smith, Inc.
Funding Source(s):Street Improvement Fund, TBD


To provide railroad grade separation on the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR). To improve the safety of motorists and pedestrians travelling across the railroad.


This projects consists of the future grade separation of one or more crossings along the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR). The Village has undertaken a railroad grade separation study, budgeted in 2023, to review and evaluate possible locations for grade separation and to compare the benefits and costs of identified locations. Due to the scale and cost of this project, external funding will be needed to proceed with future phases after completion of the study. The study, however, should help to focus and enhance the Village's future efforts to obtain external funding.


The Village's strategic plan identified railroad grade separation as one of its goals. Railroad grade separation has also been repeatedly identified as a need by the community to enhance pedestrian and motorist safety and to improve travel through the community.

Project Updates

December 19, 2022A resolution was approved on December 19, 2022, With CDM Smith, Inc. to perform a Grade Separation Feasibility Study.