2021 Construction Engineering Services


The Village of Villa Park (Village) Department of Public Works is seeking to select qualified and experienced consulting firms (Firms) to provide construction engineering services for transportation, water distribution, sanitary collection, storm collection, bridge and regional stormwater improvements. The Village intends to select Firms to work with on an as-needed basis. Interested Firms are required to provide an RFQ Submittal in accordance with the instructions specified on the official advertisement. Submittals are due by April 7, 2021.

RFQ Questions & Answers

Village Response
"Page 2 of the advertisement under Construction Engineering, Item 7. Design / Build Capability. Are there specific projects for which Villa Park is anticipating using this approach? Is it required to have a construction partner identified in the proposal?" We do not have any design/build projects identified. Additionally, we are not looking for a submission of partners regarding this item. We only want Firms to demonstrate that they have the capability to perform this service. A narrative will suffice. If Firms/Project Teams have completed this service in the past, they may choose to mention it and provide a brief description or overview.
"The ($2.187M) engineering cost for the Villa Avenue Improvement Project (St. Charles to North Ave) (p 87) is relatively high compared to anticipated ($4.85M) construction cost. Is this correct?" ROW / Land Acquisition cost estimates in the amount of approx. $730k have been included in the Engineering / Professional Services subtotals. This (in addition to the Preliminary Engineering required for this project due to the STP grant funding) is responsible for the disproportion you have noted.
"Under the Minimum Requirements, #1 references a Transmittal Sheet being described below. Where can this be found?" The Village does not have a standard Transmittal Sheet. Firms may use their own in-house transmittal sheet to satisfy this requirement.
"There is a 15 page limit. If we want to include a cover and dividers would those count towards that 15 page limit?" The page limit is intended to limit qualifications content to 15 pages, so dividers and blank pages will not count – and the Transmittal Sheet won’t count either. However, the RFQs specify the Cover Page is to have a Statement of Interest and therefore would be considered content, so it would count toward the limit.
"Is a general technical approach required? We note that it is listed in the selection criteria, but not in the minimum requirements." The Selection Criteria is meant as an objective framework for evaluating and scoring prospective Firms’ submissions. A Firm may choose to tailor their submission to specifically address the scoring components (i.e. provide narrative demonstrating their technical approach) by use of subheadings or other direct means, but it is not required. For example, if a Firm chooses to demonstrate their Technical Approach in an indirect way by fleshing out their Project Overview (or some other component of the submission), that is perfectly acceptable. If a Firm does choose to directly address Technical Approach, it would be advisable to keep it at a high level and focus on how the approach aligns with the Village’s interests, and how the approach adds value or mitigates risk. What we are not looking for is an itemization of “First we do this, then we do that…”.

A note on the minimum requirements – they are truly just minimum requirements. Provided they are satisfied, Firms may take liberties/creative license with the inclusion of any other content and/or formatting that best suits their submission.