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Posted on: November 25, 2015

Christmas Tree Safety

Did You Know That…

- According to the most recent National Fire Prevention Association statistics, four of every five Christmas tree fires occurred in December and January. Of the 10 days with the largest shares of Christmas tree fires, none were before Dec. 25.

- Electrical problems were factors in two-thirds of home Christmas tree structure fires.

- Twelve percent of home Christmas tree fires included decorative lights.

- Candles started seven percent of home Christmas tree structure fires.

- Dry trees can burn faster than newspaper. They can be completely covered in flames in seconds.

Follow These Tips When Purchasing Your Christmas Tree This Year:

- When purchasing an artificial tree, look for the “Fire Resistant Label.”

- When purchasing a live tree, check for freshness. Fresh trees are green and the needles are hard to pull out of the branch. To check for loose needles, tap the trunk on the ground - the tree should not lose any needles.

- Place live trees away from heating vents, fireplaces and portable heating units since this will only speed up the drying process.

- Keep water in the base of the tree at all times and keep the tree out of any hallways, doorways, etc.

Be Safe This Holiday Season…

- Heed warnings on ladders. Tens of thousands of people are treated for injuries related to ladder falls in November and December from putting up lights and decorations.

- Don’t overload extension cords and power strips. Always look for the marking of a recognized testing lab.

- Prevent fires and shocks by throwing out damaged or frayed light sets.

- Avoid sharp, breakable decorations in homes with young children.

- Be careful with candle placement. Candle fires cause millions of dollars of property damage each year.

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