Parking Citation Review


You can dispute a municipal parking citation by completing the Village of Villa Park Request for Citation Review Form. Submit the completed Citation Review form within ten (10) days of the issuance of the citation. You will receive a decision on whether the parking citation should be dismissed or remain in effect.

If the Chief of Police or his or her designee decides your parking citation is to remain in force, you must either pay the full citation amount prior to the due date or request an administrative hearing date to contest the Municipal Parking Violation Citation in person or in writing.

Ferrill vs Village of Villa Park

The Village of Villa Park recently agreed to settle a class action lawsuit that was filed in 2019 alleging that the Village’s former practice of placing chalk marks on the tires of vehicles parked in timed, but unmetered locations violated the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Although the Village disputes the claims and believes that placing chalk on tires does not violate the 4th Amendment, it has agreed to settle the lawsuit due to the anticipated costs of defending the suit.

Ferrill Press Release 

Ferrill Generic Notice

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