2019 Street Improvement Project

General Information

Project Location(s):
Plymouth St from Ardmore Ave to Villa Ave
Park Ave from Princeton Ave to Ardmore Ave
Several Alleyways throughout the Village
Project Status:
Bid Review
Bid Opening Date:
July 15, 2019
Construction Start Date:
Construction Completion Date:
Construction Engineer:
Design Engineer:
Civiltech Engineering, Inc.
Awarded Contract Amount:
Adjusted Final Contract Amount:
Funding Source(s):
Street Improvement Fund, GO Bonds


To improve the condition of the roadway by means of selected pavement rehabilitation methods.


This project consists of the rehabilitation of various streets by means of selected pavement rehabilitation methods.


The Village's pavement management program has determined that the condition of the streets has deteriorated to the point that pavement rehabilitation is needed. This project is to be partially funded by voter approved bond proceeds.


The Bidding Documents must be obtained electronically at www.questcdn.com for a non-refundable fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00). The documents may be downloaded by entering Quest Project Number 6412372 on www.questcdn.com. A “Not for Bid” hard copy of the documents will be on file for inspection at the office of the Village of Villa Park Public Works Department, 11 West Home Avenue, Villa Park, Illinois, 60181


OrganizationOrganization Address
None at this time

Project Updates

September 13, 2019A bid opening for this project was held on July 15, 2019. The bids received were significantly over budget. Staff has submitted a recommendation for board consideration to reject all bids received and defer the work until 2020.
July 18, 2019A bid opening for this project was held this week on July 15, 2019. Staff is in the process of reviewing the bids.
June 28, 2019The project is currently out to bid. A bid opening is scheduled for July 15, 2019.
June 14 ,2019Staff conducted a review of the design engineer’s pre-final plans this week and provided review comments to the engineer. The design engineer is currently working to make necessary revisions.
May 30, 2019The design consultant has provided pre-final plans for this project. Staff is currently working to review them
May 23, 2019The project is currently under design.
April 25, 2019The design consultant has provided preliminary plans and staff has provided preliminary comments.
April 18, 2019This project is currently under design. The design consultant provided preliminary plans this week.