North Ardmore Avenue Retaining Wall Project

General Information

Project Location(s): Ardmore Avenue, northeast Ardmore Avenue Frontage Road, north of East Sunset Drive
Project Status: Bidding
 Bid Opening Date:  February 27th, 2018 at 10:00 A.M.
Tentative Start Date: TBD
Tentative Completion Date: TBD
Contractor: TBD
Construction Engineer: TBD
Design Engineer: V3 Companies
Awarded Contract Amount: TBD
Funding Sources: Local Funds


To significantly improve the condition of the southeast bridge embankment by removing the existing deteriorated retaining wall and replacing it with a new structurally sound retaining wall.


This project consists of removal and installation of 52.5 feet of retaining wall along the northeast side of Ardmore Avenue Frontage road. The scope of work for the project includes removing and replacing existing curb and gutter, 2 foot wide resurfacing of the adjacent pavement, removal of trees in conflict, and clearing and restoring the parkway behind the retaining wall.


The Village has determined that the condition of the retaining wall has deteriorated to the point that a replacement is needed. This project is to be fully funded by local funds.


Organization Organization Address 
Orange Crush 321 Center St.
Hillside, IL 60162
Martam Construction, Inc.
1200 Gasket Drive
Elgin, Illinois 60120

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