546 South Euclid Avenue Property Buyout

General Information

Project Location(s): 546 South Euclid Avenue
Project Status: Demolition Pending
Bid Opening Date: November 7, 2017, 10:00 a.m. (Demolition)
Start Date: January 11, 2018 (Demolition)
Tentative Completion Date: January 19, 2018 (Demolition)
Contractor: Alpine Demolition Services, LLC
Construction Engineer: In-house
Design Engineer: In-house
Awarded Contract Amount: $27,000.00 (Demolition)
Funding Sources: Stormwater Fund, CDBG-DR Grant


To purchase and demolish a flood-prone residential property and construct a stormwater detention facility in its place.


This project consists of the purchase and demolition of the single-family residence at 546 South Euclid Avenue.


The property at 546 South Euclid Avenue has experienced repetitive flood damage.  The Village is expected to receive 75% federal funding for the purchase of the property and demolition of the house under the Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) Program. 

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