Ridge Road Water Main Improvement Project (Yale to Ardmore)

General Information

Project Location(s): Yale to Ardmore
Project Status: Design
Bid Opening Date: TBD
Start Date: TBD
Tentative Completion Date: TBD
Contractor: TBD
Construction Engineer: TBD
Design Engineer: Baxter & Woodman
Awarded Contract Amount: TBD
Funding Sources: CDBG, GO Bonds, Wastewater Fund, Water Supply Fund


To significantly improve the condition of the roadway by removing the existing deteriorated pavement and replacing it with a new structurally sound pavement.  To improve water system capacity and reliability by replacing the existing water main.


This project consists of the rehabilitation of Ridge Road from Yale to Ardmore. The project also includes replacement of the existing water main.   The water main improvements are budgeted as part of IEPA Water Loan Group #3.  Some selective sanitary sewer system improvements are included.


The Village's pavement management program has determined that the condition of the street has deteriorated to the point that pavement rehabilitation is needed. This project is to be partially funded by voter approved bond proceeds.


Project Documents 
Project Updates

Posted Date
 June 23, 2017 Staff was notified that DuPage County has received the CDBG funds and the project can proceed to bidding when all documents are ready.
 April 14, 2017 Consultant is working to prepare Phase II Plans and Specs.
 April 7, 2017 A meeting was held with the consultant on 04/05/2017 to discuss the location of the new water main and other construction concerns.
 February 10, 2017 Consultant is working to prepare Phase II Plans and Specs.
 February 3, 2017 A pre-construction meeting was held on 02/03/2017.
 January 27, 2017 A Phase II design engineering agreement has been awarded.
 January 20, 2017 A Phase II design engineering agreement will be presented to the board for consideration at the 01/23/2017 Board meeting.
 January 6, 2017 A proposal to design the improvements was requested from an engineering consultant.
December 2, 2016 DuPage County will be recommending that this project be awarded the full amount of CDBG grant funding requested.