Washington Street Green Infrastructure Improvements

General Information

Project Location(s): Various
Project Status: Under Design
Start Date: TBD
Tentative Completion Date: TBD
Contractor: TBD
Construction Engineer: Shortlisted: TranSystems, V3 Companies
Design Engineer: Conservation Design Forum
Awarded Contract Amount: TBD
Funding Sources: GO Bonds; CDBG-DR

Project Updates

Posted Date
 April 28, 2017 The contract approving the purchase of the property at 546 South Euclid has been prepared and will be submitted to the Village Board for consideration in May. Staff has completed interviews of engineering consulting firms for the Phase III construction engineering. Staff is completing its reviewing of the pre-final Plans and Specs.
March 10, 2017  Staff received revised Plans and Specs and is working to review them. Staff is reviewing the qualifications submitted by consultants for the Phase III construction engineering services. The public information meetings for Grant Street and Washington Green Infrastructure will be scheduled once the Village receives pre-final plans from the consultant.
 February 24, 2017 Engineering consultant continues to work on Phase II Plans and Specs.
 February 17, 2017 County staff will need to review bid documents prior to advertising for bid, which is expected in March. Public information meetings will also be scheduled. Engineering consultant continues to work on Phase II plans and specs. Staff has requested a preliminary qualifications for Phase III construction engineering be submitted by 03/03/2017.
 February 3, 2017 Due to the CDBG-DR grant funding, a "Project Setup Meeting" with DuPage County staff will be necessary and has been scheduled fro 02/10/2017.
 January 27, 2017 Engineering staff met with Conservation Design Forum (CDF), the Phase II design engineer, to discuss staff review comments and the timetable for public information meeting and bidding the project. CDF does not provide Phase III construction engineering services, so another engineering firm will need to be selected. CDF will provide plan clarifications during construction on an as-needed basis.
 January 6, 2017 Village staff will be presenting a CDBG-DR funding agreement that would provide $1,000,000 for the Washington Green Infrastructure Project to the Village Board on 01/07/2017. This project includes permeable pavers on Grant Street as well as bioswales along Washington Street.
 December 9, 2016 Village staff has received the CDBG-DR funding agreement that would provide $1,000,000 for the Washington Green Infrastructure Project. Additional funding for the purchase and demolition of the property has also been approved by the County Community Development Commission. An amendment to the previous funding agreement will be required. 
 November 18, 2016 The consultant has submitted a tentative construction schedule with a tentative March 2017 letting date. A funding agreement with DuPage County needs to be executed prior to bidding.
 September 30, 2016 Staff has completed its review of the 50% plans and submitted comments to the consultant.
 September 23, 2016 A purchase order for the property appraisal has been submitted. Grant documents have been forwarded to DuPage County for execution.
 September 16, 2016 The Village Board approved a proposed inter-governmental agreement to provide CDBG-DR funding towards the purchase and demolition of a house on South Euclid. The next step will be to obtain property appraisals.
 September 2, 2016 Staff held a progress meeting with the consultant to review 50% plans and to compare with preliminary plans for the Washington Combined Sewer Separation study.
 June 3, 2016 Staff is investigating options for additional off-site storage near Grant Street.
 May 27, 2016 Staff walked the project limits with the consultant. Diseased and end of life trees will need to be identified for potential removal.
 May 6, 2016 Additional survey work has been completed and submitted to Conservation Design Forum (CDF), consultant for design of the Washington Corridor Green Infrastructure Project. Coordination with the Burke study, grant eligibility of work items ($1 million CDBG-DR), and scope of work are key factors.
 April 29, 2016 Additional survey work has been scheduled.
 April 1, 2016 A kick-off meeting was held with CDF on 03/28/2016. Design of the proposed green infrastructure improvements has begun.
 March 18, 2016 Kick-off meeting with Conservation Design Forum (CDF) for design of the Washington Corridor Green Infrastructure Improvements to be scheduled in the near future. County has issued public notice to release the $1 million grant funds for the this project.
 March 11, 2016 A design contract has been submitted to the Board for consideration at the 03/14/2016 Board Meeting.
 February 26, 2016 Village staff reviewing a proposal from Conservation Design Forum (CDF) for design of the Washington Corridor Green Infrastructure Improvements.  
 February 19, 2016
  • Village staff received and is reviewing a proposal from Conservation Design Forum (CDF) for design of the Washington Corridor Green Infrastructure Improvements.  Coordination with the Burke combined sewer separation study will be required. 
  • An inter-governmental agreement to provide $40,000 to the Village for design of the proposed green infrastructure improvements has been executed.  The Village would be responsible for any additional design costs.  A separate agreement would be executed for the $1 million green infrastructure funding.
  • Village and County staff met to discuss next steps towards implementing the Washington corridor green infrastructure project ($1 million funding) and Sugar Creek storm water improvements ($550,000).  Du Page County staff reiterated that the funds have been earmarked for the Village projects.  Project delivery will follow HUD guidelines, similar to Village projects funded through Community Development Block Grants (CDBG).  The funds should be used for stand-alone projects and not combined with other flood control projects.  The project to be selected in the Sugar Creek drainage basin will be based on the recommendations in the watershed study.  The Washington/Grant green infrastructure improvements can proceed to environmental review and consultant selection.  Inter-governmental agreements between the Village and County will be required.
  • Du Page County staff presented the results of the Washington Street green infrastructure study at the Village Board meeting on June 8, 2015.  They indicated that $1.0 million federal funding has been set aside for this project.  Inter-governmental agreements (IGA’s) are expected to be ready for Village Board consideration in September 2015.
  • The Village has been working with Du Page County staff to identify Villa Park storm water projects that could utilize earmarked HUD Disaster Recovery Program funding.  Specifically County staff is recommending $1,000,000 for ‘downtown green infrastructure’ (Washington Street corridor) and $550,000 for the Sugar Creek Watershed.  The funding has been approved, but not yet released by HUD.
  • The County’s consultant has submitted a preliminary report for green infrastructure alternatives along the Washington Boulevard corridor.  There have been follow-up meetings with County staff and the consultant to discuss and prioritize potential projects.  One of the suggested improvements was to provide permeable pavers on Grant Street south of Washington.  County staff has indicated that they may be willing to fund 100% of the cost.  Design of road improvement to Grant Street have been temporarily suspended until it is determined if the permeable pavers are feasible.
  • A meeting with County staff was held on March 23, 2015.  County staff re-affirmed the commitment of $1 million of CDBG-DR funding for “green” storm water improvements in the Washington Street corridor.  This would include permeable pavers and rain gardens on Grant Street.  There improvements would reduce combined sewer overflow as well as provide storm water benefits.  It was agreed to take no further action until after presentation of the two flood control studies on April 13, 2015.