2005 Historic Preservation Award Recipients

National Preservation Month, sponsored by the National Trust of Historic Places, was celebrated by Proclamation within the Village and across America during the month of May. This year's theme is "Restore America: Communities at a Crossroads".

Villa Park's Annual Historic Plaque Award Program includes awards for Historic Preservation, Historic Landmark and Sears Catalog Home categories.

At the April 25, 2005 Village Board meeting, the Villa Park Historic Preservation Commission announced the seven winners of this year's annual Historic Plaque awards.

The owners of the Coolidge House for their sensitive preservation of their 1915 prairie-style house located at 307 S. Illinois Avenue. It is named the Coolidge House after the first owner. It is featured in the 1920 Glimpse of Villa Park Book.

Robert and Sandra Dollinger for their sensitive preservation of their 1916 prairie-style house located at 310 Astor Court. It is named the Toebelman House after the first owner who was the first treasurer of Ardmore. It was built by Charles Heisen.

Bill and Judy Degnan for their sensitive preservation of their 1926 Colonial Revival style home located at 411 S. Ardmore. It is named the Mabee House after the original owner who was a civic leader and historian.

David and Carrie Van Daff for their sensitive preservation of their 1931 English Tudor style house located at 37 S. Oakland Avenue. It is named the Hubbard House after the first owner.

This year's Historic Landmark award was given to Sam and Nancy Pape for their historic c.1928 Dutch Colonial Revival style house located at 24 S. Monterey Avenue. It was originally located on the former Ovaltine property on Villa Avenue and was later moved to its present site in the 1950's. It is named the Steiner House after Gottlieb Steiner, who relocated from Switzerland to oversee the construction of the former Ovaltine factory.

John and Lisa Pittman for their wonderfully restored and preserved Argyle model Sear's mail-order house located at 17 W 476 Hill Street and built in 1925.

Doug and Therese Lehman for their Crescent model Sear's mail-order house, located at 127 S. Harvard and was built in 1927. It boasts quality features, such as oak built-ins and restored woodwork. As the family grew, Doug expanded his house for today's lifestyle.