Utility Billing Goes Monthly

The Village has converted utility (water, sewer and garbage) billing from a quarterly to a monthly basis. The change creates manageable payment schedules for residents and helps residents catch possible payment issues in a timely fashion.

In order to bill monthly, the Village is divided into two groups; one group (Group 1) located approximately north of St. Charles Road is billed between the 18th and the 20th of the month while the other group (Group 2) located approximately south of St. Charles Road is billed between the 27th and the 29th of the month. The townhomes on North Avenue are included in Group 2. The following schedule is an example of the payment cycle.

Group 1

05/19/14 06/09/14 06/10/14 06/24/14
06/18/14 07/09/14 07/10/14 07/24/14
07/18/14 08/08/14 08/10/14 08/24/14
08/18/14 09/08/14 09/10/14 09/24/14
09/18/14 10/09/14 10/10/14 10/24/14
10/20/14 11/10/14 11/10/14 11/24/14
11/18/14 12/09/14 12/10/14 12/24/14

Group 2

05/27/14 06/17/14 06/18/14 07/02/14
06/27/14 07/18/14 07/19/14 08/04/14
07/28/14 08/18/14 08/19/14 09/02/14
08/27/14 09/17/14 09/18/14 10/02/14
09/29/14 10/20/14 10/21/14 11/04/14
10/27/14 11/17/14 11/18/14 12/02/14
11/27/14 12/18/14 12/19/14 01/02/15

To help residents in remitting payment, please consider the following payment options:

Option 1 - Direct Debit Program
This program allows for your utility bill payment to automatically be deducted from your checking account on the due date. You will still receive a billing statement so that you will know the amount that will be deducted from your bank account. What is the benefit of this program? No check writing, no stamps, no late payments, no confusion.

Option 2 – Drop Box
Pay your bill by dropping your payment in the black utility bill drop box in the Village Hall parking lot.

Option 3 – On-Line Payments through Your Bank
Pay your bill with a service provided by your own bank. NOTE: When you make a payment this way your bank withdrawals the money from your account, processes a check made payable to the Village then mails it. This is NOT done electronically. Please allow 7 to 10 days for the check to be received by the Village. Please make sure you provide your new 9 digit account number to your bank to ensure correct application to your account.

Option 4 – In Person
Pay your bill in person at the Village Hall, 20 S. Ardmore Ave., Villa Park.

Option 5 – On-Line Payment through the Village Website
Pay your bill on-line at www.invillapark.com.

Option 6 – By Mail
Please allow 7 to 10 days, as the Utility Billing Division must receive your payment in the mail by the date it is due, regardless of when the payment is postmarked.

Option 7 – Local Sub-Stations
Pay your bill at one of two local sub-stations. Payments are received from the sub-stations on Wednesdays. If you're close to water shutoff, please pay directly at the Village Hall.
   -  Inland Bank 305 W. St. Charles Rd.    -  Johnson's Lighthouse Pointe 1 W. St. Charles Rd.

The following is a list of fees and services you may see on your bill:

WTR – Water used per 1,000 gallons
WCF – Water charge fee based on the size of your meter per the Water and Sewer Rate Studies*
SWR – Sewer used per 1,000 gallons
SWM – Sewer – Metered for resident who are on sewer only
WWF – Wastewater charge fee based on Stanley Consultant's Rate Study*
RRD – Radio Read Charge based on manually reading of meter
XCN – Cross Connection Fee based on properties with backflow preventer
ADM – Administration Fee
GBG – Garbage per month
MSC – Miscellaneous
PWT – Penalty Water
PSW – Penalty Sewer
PSG – Penalty Garbage

* Please review the Water and Sewer Rate Studies conducted by Stanley Consultants located on the website under transparency or the hard copy provided at the Library.

The Village is very excited to provide this service to our residents. If you have any questions, please contact Utility Billing at 630-834-8500.