Wastewater Division

Sewer Systems

The Wastewater Division maintains six sanitary lift stations, nearly twelve hundred manholes, forty-one miles of separate sanitary sewer, thirty-six miles of combined sewer, and forty-two miles of separate storm sewer, with sewers ranging in size from eight inches to fifty-four inches.

Wet Weather Flow Treatment Facility

The division is also responsible for operating and maintaining the Wet Weather Flow Treatment Facility (WWFTF), located on South Monterey Avenue between Fairfield and the Illinois Prairie Path. This sewage treatment facility operates during storm events and periods of snow and ice melting, which put additional load on the sewer systems and on the Salt Creek Treatment Plant.

Some of the responsibilities of the Wastewater Division include:

  • Lift Station Inspection
  • Sewer Backup Response
  • Sewer System Maintenance
  • Sewer Televising
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation

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