Streets Division

The Village of Villa Park's Streets Division is responsible for maintaining all Village streets and public alleys.

Road Maintenance

The Streets Division maintains approximately seventy miles of roadway and four miles of alleys. This work includes street sweeping, pothole patching, crack filling, minor street repairs, grading of alleys, snow and ice control, and graffiti removal.


Other responsibilities of the division include the administration and oversight of the Village's Asphalt Rejuvenation Program, Traffic Signal Maintenance contract, and the Stone and Debris Hauling Contract. Street sign fabrication, installation, and maintenance are also handled by the Streets Division.

Some of the responsibilities of the Streets Division include:

  • Curb Drain Cleaning
  • Holiday Decorations
  • Lighting & Electrical Maintenance
  • Maintenance of Village Electrical and Lighting Systems
  • Pothole Repairs / Ramping Sidewalks
  • Signage Fabrication and Maintenance
  • Street Sweeping Program
  • Traffic Signal Maintenance

Street Sweeping

Villa Park is divided into eight sections for street sweeping purposes. Typically, staff members are able to sweep two sections per week - the entire village once per month - depending on the weather and the amount of leaves on the ground. Eight sections are swept in numerical order before the cycle repeats, starting back at section one. To see the eight section street sweeping map, click here. 

Street sweeping begins in the spring after the last frost of the season, and ends in the fall just before the first. Please keep in mind that all street sweeping activities are heavily dependent on current weather conditions.