Traffic & Safety Commission

The nine members of the Traffic and Safety Commission meet at 8 p.m., on the second Tuesday of each month. Their meeting place is on the second floor of Village Hall. The public is welcome to attend, please print off a Request to Speak form, if you intend to bring up an issue.

Agendas & Minutes
Agendas are available prior to the meeting. Minutes are available after approval.
All Agendas
Items Discussed
  • Intersection controls, such as; stop signs, traffic lights, roundabouts, and mini-circles
  • Issues regarding the building code
  • On-Street parking and parking bans
  • Sidewalks and street lighting
  • Speed limits
  • Street signage, and some business signage concerns
  • Traffic patterns
  • Train station and rail right-of-way issues, bike lanes, and bike trails
  • Other safety issues determined by the Village Board
Each term of the Traffic and Safety Commission lasts three years. If you would like to contact the commission, please send an email.
  • J. Pienkos, Chair
  • John Cuthberson
  • Pamela Hoehi
  • Kevin Meeker
  • Peter Renn
  • Carl Timmerman
  • Karen Timmerman
  • Darren Kling
The Traffic and Safety Commission acts in an advisory capacity to the Village Board in all matters of traffic and safety, which are initiated or investigated by the commission.

Powers and duties include: making recommendations to the Village Board regarding all matters of traffic and safety, and investigation of citizen complaints with regard to traffic and safety.