Sugar Creek Golf Course Administrative Board

The seven members of the Sugar Creek Golf Course Administrative Board meet at 6 p.m., on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Their meeting place is 500 East VanBuren, the Sugar Creek Golf Course, and each member serves a term of three years. At least three, but no more than four of the members represent Villa Park.

Agendas & Minutes
Sugar Creek Golf Course agendas and minutes are included in the Elmhurst Park Board meeting packets and are on the Elmhurst Park District website. The agenda and minutes will be posted on the Sugar Creek Golf Course website in the near future (spring 2016). Agendas are also posted at both the Elmhurst Park District office and at Sugar Creek Golf Course, 500 E. Van Buren Street in Villa Park.

The Village of Villa Park, together with the Elmhurst Park District, oversee the expenses, services, and contractual obligations of the operation of the Sugar Creek Golf Course through this board.

Powers and duties include: administering the day-to-day operation of the golf course, and is responsible for the supervision, and employment of the golf course manager.