Licenses & Permits

  1. Amusement Device License

    Learn about the application process for getting an amusement device license.

  2. Amusement Events

    Learn about the requirements to be licensed for amusement events.

  3. Block Parties

    Organize a block party in your neighborhood.

  4. Building Permits

    Browse through the permits you may need for your construction project.

  5. Certificate of Occupancy

    All businesses in Villa Park must register with the Village, and receive a Certificate of Occupancy.

  6. Certificate of Registration & Solicitor's License

    View and print a copy of the solicitor's license application.

  7. Dog License

    Register your dog with the Village of Villa Park.

  8. Liquor License

    Find out about the process to be licensed to sell liquor.

  9. Parking Permits

    Learn how to get a parking permit for the commuter trains.

  10. Raffle License

    Find information on how to attain a raffle license.

  11. Street Banner Application

    Download the Village of Villa Park Banner Application. Application will be processed through the Village Manager's Office.

  12. Vending License

    Learn about the requirements for being licensed to maintain vending machines.

  13. Annual Business Registration - Fire Inspection

    Annual Business Registration - Fire Inspection Management Program