Smart 911

DuComm to Begin Using Smart 911 Technology

The Villa Park Police Department, in conjunction with DuPage Public Safety Communications (DuComm), is pleased to announce a potentially life-saving service that will soon be ready for use by the public. The implementation of this service has the potential to save lives by helping to improve 911 response to emergency calls made from cellular telephones.

Helping Emergency Operators

This new technology, known as Smart 911, requires citizens to voluntarily register their cellular phone numbers via the Smart 911 web site. Once citizens sign up, any 911 call they make from their registered cellular device will include important personal information that goes directly to the dispatcher. The dispatcher in turn will pass on pertinent information directly to first responders. Citizens will provide the information about themselves and their families when they register. Such information could include medical conditions and alerts, children's photographs, home and work addresses of mobile phone callers, disabilities or other rescue-related information, locations for a child's room in the home, and any other useful information designed to assist emergency responders and to help locate the caller. Emergency access to information such as this can help 911 operators and first responders address issues faster and more efficiently.

Participate in Smart 911

The emergency information collected is kept in a secure facility and only made available to our 911 operators and first responders when the cellular device is used to call a 911 center equipped with the Smart 911 technology. The Police Chief strongly encourages all citizens living or working within Villa Park to register for this free service. We would also like to enlist your assistance in spreading the word about the Smart 911 service. Helping to get citizens signed up can save lives. Please take the time to register and pass the information on to your family and friends. Please visit Smart 911 to register or go straight to the the Smart 911 Registration form.