Understanding Your Utility Bill

The water and sewer portion of your bill is based on usage. You will be charged for either every 1 gallon or 1000 gallons of water used at the current rate depending on the meter located at the service address.

Village of Villa Park Utility Billing Fees

Security Deposit$150$300
Water per 1,000 gallons (as of 1/1/19)$9.05$9.05
Sewer per 1,000 gallons (as of 1/1/17)$3.57$3.57
Garbage per month (as of 7/1/20)$22.70$22.70 (if applicable)
Waste Water Fee per month (as of 1/1/17)$1.66$1.66
Administration Fee (per month)$2.00$2.00
Cross Connection FeeN/A$1.20
Late Fee If Not Paid by Due Date5%5%
Water Shutoff Fee 8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.$100$100
Water Shutoff Fee after 3:30 p.m.$150$150
Returned Check Fee$40$40
Compliance Inspection$50$50
Recycling Surcharge$0.50$0.50
*Stormwater Management Program$6.00$12.00
*Combined Sewer Separation$3.00$6.00
Water Charge Fee per
month based on water
meter size (as of 1/1/17)
3/4 inch $4.74 to 1 inch $8.54
1 1/4 inch $13.28 to 1 1/2 inch $18.96
2 inch $33.66 to 3 inch $74.84
4 inch or larger $134.62

Other Related Fees

*In order to provide the residents of Villa Park with the best possible infrastructure improvements, you will note the addition of fees for the stormwater management program and combined sewer separation. The fees are meant to provide funding for the construction of improvements to alleviate flooding and reduce sewer back-ups during storm events. The funds would be used for combined sewer separation and storm water improvements, mostly in conjunction with scheduled road improvements.

Late fees are assessed the day after your due date at a rate of 5% of your total amount due. Any funds that are returned to the Village of Villa Park will be charged a returned check fee of $40.00. The amount of the check and the applicable fees must be paid by cash or money order. In the event of a returned check, your account will be placed on a cash only basis for a one year period. A notice will be sent to you, and if not paid the water service will be terminated and a reinstatement fee will need to be paid in order to re-establish service.