Fire Safety Tips

  1. Business Fire

    Learn how to avoid fire loss with your business.

  2. Candle Safety

    Learn how to use candles, without turning your home into one.

  3. Carbon Monoxide Information

    Find information on carbon monoxide, and how to detect this toxic gas.

  4. Fire & Burglar Alarm Information

    Learn about the different types of alarm systems, and choose which one is right for you.

  5. Fire Safety in the Home

    Learn how to prevent fires in your home.

  6. Fire Safety Tips for Children

    Get tips for kids to be safe around fires, and how to response to being burned.

  7. ICE

    Learn about the concept of ICE, In Case of Emergency.

  8. Outdoor Fireplaces

    Read village ordinances regarding open burning, and outdoor fireplace regulations.

  9. Smoke Detector Information

    Find information about smoke detector, and how to properly maintain them.

  10. Outdoor Grills

    Find tips and safety messages for using outdoor barbecue grills.