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  1. Village Develops Q & A for Underground Utility Improvement Plan

    The Village of Villa Park developed an informational document regarding the Underground Utility Improvement Plan. Read more about the Q & A...
  2. Fees for Combined Sewer Separation and Storm Water Funding

    Read the departmental correspondence detailing the statement of problem, investigation, recommendation and more concerning the fees. Read more about these fees...
  3. Holiday Lights Must be Removed by March 27, 2017

    Please remove all exterior lighting decorations after your celebration of the season no later than Monday, March 27th, 2017. Read more about holiday lights...
  4. Roy Strom Announces New Refuse Collection Day for Villa Park Residents

    Villa Park residents who receive refuse collection on Fridays will have their waste collection day changing to Thursdays beginning on Thursday, March 2nd, 2017. Read more about the new collection day...
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Villa Park Spotlight

  1. CloggedGrateSpotlight


    We've been receiving a lot of rainfall lately, and keeping storm inlets free of clogs will help reduce flooded streets.

    Clogged inlets prevent storm water from entering the sewers. This causes standing water in the streets and potentially ice if temperatures reach freezing. 

    So, you can help the community by keeping storm inlets clear of debris!